Who worked on Dik Trom

Prior to Dik Trom, director Arne Toonen had only worked on short films and TV Series. However, after his furst successful attempt at a full-length movie, he has directed four more movies such as Black out, that he wrote himself, Guilty Movie, the Little Gangster and is currently working on Playboy Priest.

Other creating cast of the Dik Trom include writers Mischa Alexander, Wijo Koek and Luuk van Bemmelen, executive producers Bert Nijdam, Maarten Swart, Ronald van Wechem and others.


Michael Nierse was undoubtedly the star of the movie. I my opinion, he portrayed Dik Trom brilliantly. And when you think about it, it was his first attempt in a full-length movie after he starred in a short movie called Jacco’s Film in 2009. After his Dik Trom role he appeared in Zieleman (2011), Isabelle (2011), various tv series such as Hidden Stories and De 4 van Westwijk. His latest work includes Secrets of War and a minor role in a U.S. movie Admiral released in 2015.

Parents of Dik Trom were played by Eva van der Gucht and Marcel Musters. Gucht has already had many TV roles under her belt dating back to 2000 – movies, TV movies, series including Oscar nominated for Best Foreign Language Film – Everybody’s Famous (2000).

Mascel Musters is a famous actor from Netherlands who started his career in 1985. Musters had success prior and after Dik Trom, such as The Preacher (2004), Black Book (2006) and Stages (2007). If you are a bit of a drama fan as much as you a Musters’ fan, I highly recommend one of his latest movies – Accused, It was made in Netherlands in 2014 and, even though Marcel Musters doesn’t play a major part in the movie, his performance is amazing. Plus, the movie itself may be one of the best 2014 movies made. Which is debatable of course, but there’s a chance you will think so too after you watch it.