Film Review

reviewDik Trom was made in 2010 in Netherlands and starred Michael Nierse and Dik Trom, Eva van der Gucht and Marcel Musters and his parents, Fiona Livingston as Lieva, Nils Verkooijen as Viktor and a few other actors. Dik Trom is the most recent adaptation of the Dik Trom books and shorts stories created by Cornelis Johannes Kieviet in the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

If you’re a fan of Klievet books’s, 2010 Dik Trom adaptation may be a bit of disappointment for you. Especially, if you expect it to be an exact copy of one of the stories about Dik Trom. However, you may also enjoy it very much. To my mind, Mischa Alexander and his co-writers did a wonderful job creating a story that takes the character we all know and puts him in a setting and different situations that are not as familiar to us from the books.

I would like to also emphasize the great work by Michael Nierse that portrayed Dik Trom. With very little prior acting experience, he really managed to lift this movie and make us believe we are dealing with the real Dik Trom from the 150 year old stories of Kievet.

As far as supporting actors go, I think they did decent job as well. Nothing to say in particular but it seems everyone played into their characters, from Pa Trom to Sjar, Sonja Slager and others.

All in all, was it the best Dik Trom film?

I don’t really know. Having waited 34 years since the last movie, it’s hard to compare because it’s very different cinematic eras. The first Dik Trom movie came out even before World War II. That’s a very long time ago.