Here I’ll list all the awards and recognitions this movie has received. But before we get into that, I want to add something. I may be contradicting myself a bit here but in the end, awards don’t really matter that much. I want to list all the awards that Dik Trom received because in my opinion, it deserved every one of it.

However, in the end you either like the movie or you don’t. I certainly have quite a few movies I did not enjoy even they won Oscars. Nevertheless, here are awards that Dik Trom won or was nominated for.

Dik Trom Awards

In 2010 when the movie was released it was nominated and won a Golden Film Award in Golden and Platin Film, Netherlands. As it’s used to in this festival, Golden or Platin Awards means not only the director won, but the whole crew won. The award was shared by Arne Toonen, Evam van der Gucht, Marcel Musters and the producers Hans de Weers, Erwin Godschalk, Reinout Oerlemans. That was also the first award Michael Nierse won but I’m sure there will be plenty more in the future.

Also, in 2011 in Netherlands Film Festival Dik Trom won a Best Production Design awards and in the Rembrandt Awards it received two awards. First, Best Film and also Eva van der Gucht received an award for the Best Dutch Actress performance.

During the same year, in Cinekid film Awards Dik Trom was nominated for the Best movie award. However, this time Arne Toonen did not get to go up and deliver his speech.

In 2012 Dik Trom film received its last recognition to date. In Zlin International Film Festival for Children and Youth the movie was very well received and won the Children’s Jury Main Prize.